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SAGES & ACS Division of Education
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Latest News

New Product. All-in-One FLS Trainer System Includes all FLS Required Materials

New Product. SimCart to setup mobile FLS Trainer System workstations. 

New Product. Non-clinical Trocars for use with the FLS Trainer System.

New Product. Sharps Tube for discarding practice Sutures.

New Product. FLS Instruments and Kit: Dissectors, Endoscissors, Grasper, Needle Drivers, Knot Pusher

New Product. Non-clinical Suture for practice and testing (25 and 50 pieces).

New Product. Cannulation Skill (with Simulated Catheters & Angiocath)

Single-Use Ligating Loop now available in our online store. Approved for use during FLS testing certification.

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